*** I would describe my debut album as my personal View at the world, at love, some personal relationships I'm talking about, some personal experiences, in this album I'm trying to make a mark as an artist in this world with lots of imitators in the music industry. I'm trying to stand out with my own approach, authenticity, with my own signature on self written songs in collaboration with some extremely talented people. I would describe the style of the album as POP definitely but with authentical tropical, dance, electro new age all-time-hit type of music.


With her upcoming debut album on the way, the breeze of spontaneuos message to her Army 💎, Iness would like to say; I basically want to achieve something bigger then my own self, besides of the fact the music on this album is truly amazing, i hope it will catch up the ears all around the globe, make people to feel empowered and inspired with my music, with the sence of aspiration to make them feel understood and less alone, happy and blissfu. But I also want to get them into the right mood; a positive, maybe even party vibe, saying it is all out there for you darling, just open your wings and fly :) You do have all it takes, just embrase yourself, be fearless, cause you know when you start to belive in your dreams and yourself, only Sky is the limit.

(A lot of song titles are basically already sounding like an inspirational fraze from a T - shirt so don't be shy to order a Print on demand merchandise to go along with your favorite song)

Just follow your dreams, they know the way.