Book INESS as

* singer

* songwriter

* dancer 

* choreographer

* MC (master of ceremonies)

* model

* hostess / VIP host

* actress (Profile on IMDB)

* presenter

* promoter / influencer 

* Show, party, event organiser 

* Spokes Model 

(You can engage INESS to be your spokes model as she is a great representative not only successful, Intelligent, reliable, and enthusiastic that is experienced to handle conventions, trade shows, castings, promotions, and any other special event, but also a great promotional person and great personality, talent that could lift your company's image to the higher level that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, and also helps create an effective and warming corporate presence at your trade show or promotional event, web site or any promotional tool, presenting your product in the unique way, with her image but also great talent.)

* Lifestyle coach with her own #GoddessPackages (more under "Goddess Lifestyle page")

* TRIBUTE SHOWS (Various artists - male or female)

* NEW singing/dancing show with dancers #DiamondDollsShow


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Richard Paraiso