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Iness’ impressive experience and impeccable voice has given her a considerable advance with her solo singing career which is bound to blow up any time soon. Iness is currently working on her debut album. ”



You can engage INESS to be your spokes model as she is a great representative not only successful, Intelligent, reliable, and enthusiastic that is experienced to handle conventions, trade shows, castings, promotions, and any other special event, but also a great promotional person and great personality, talent that could lift your company's image to the higher level that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, and also helps create an effective and warming corporate presence at your trade show or promotional event, web site or any promotional tool, presenting your product in the unique way, with her image but also great talent. 



During her performances and shows at LONDON NEW YEARS DAY PARADE 2017/2018, in London, Iness was invited to the special event organized by the main organization of the same event, and has received an award and medals to be known as "SHOWTIME STARS 2018 INESS "

She received a lot of gifts and souvenirs to bring home with her, so she had to buy one more extra bag to bring all that with her back to her Croatian residence😀

Pics of the reception and the event can be found under "Photos" here on inesslive.com

INESS has a unique way she records her songs ! Did you know that Iness has self-written her last three songs - BLUE PARADISE, CITY LIGHTS and TRYING...
She has written the lyrics separately for the Trying that is announced to be her next single release after City Lights, which is on the way to be released on the worldwide market.
The song has a very unique new age style with a little bit of grungy alternative sound. INESS has written the lyrics for it way before she sang the song in the studio. Together with her producer in EU, Sven Gledja, who made the music, they created miracle on the spot, when he played to her his music at one studio session, she created this song, with the lyrics she had, and her own melodie she made up on the spot, in one take. And the magic was created. They kept most of the parts original from the first take. The single is planned to go out as an EP with three versions also.  BLUE PARADISE was created in the same way, on the spot, in one take, only without pre-written lyrics. ❤

INESS Is cooperating with London Music Group & Artist development company. The Corporation with London music group came to Iness in a very particular way, she auditioned in a live studio session where she sang one of her songs accapellla live, and the producers told her they would get back to her, they're choosing who to work with and it might take some time.
The next day afternoon, when driving on a London city bus, she got a call, where she was informed that they have picked her out of 300 people, to work with her. 
They have selected her as one of company's artists and have her as one of their official artists on their web site and records.

🏁👑 Did you know that INESS has a royalty blood line and her family name has a coat of arms ? Her grand grand grandfather was a king Tvrtko 1st, who ruled at that time in Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Dalmatia.



Iness received an award, after co-operating with her first manager Zoran Skugor and her team of producers from Croatia, for the contribution to the Croatian club music scene that was awarded to her by her manager then, on a big music festival in Plitvice where she also performed live and everything was filmed and aired on the local TV stations in Croatia. At that time, she released the very known remake "Physical" for Sony Records on "Club Sounds vol.52"

🏁🔱Iness first album "Goldies Clubbing" was actually a cover album of the 80s remakes where one of her songs called "Physical" was published by Sony records on the compilation "Club sounds vol 52." The whole album was made in Croatia, Zagreb with her ex-manager Zoran Skugor and a team of local producers.


☄🌟⭐ Iness lived in Germany for five years where she went to finish her dance education, where she worked trained and was taught by one of the best internationally known choreographers and dance instructors from all around the world.

During that time she was dancing in a dance company, performing on various stages as a dancer, model, even on the big screen as a TV host and as an actress in a movie project, she was also a part of a musical called "Fifth Element" where she had one of the main roles where she sang, danced and acted in a big musical production in the area of Stuttgart theater.

She was also a part of the company's production where she got the opportunity to choreograph her own act in cabaret style where she's sang, danced and choreographed her own act, with her background dancers. This was the beginning of a new era.

She also did a featuring for a German Indian artist from Munich when she moved there.

After this she began the Croatian co-operation with her then Ex Manager with whom she started the whole new project called #GoldiesClubbing where they did an album with 80's and Disco remakes in popular urban electro dance sound, and from that album a song called #Physical was pubslihed by #SonyRecords on the compilation #ClubSoundsVol.52 in Germany for the whole world.

This was Iness first official music start in the industry.


📢🎵🎶 ♩🎙🎧

New single releases out now:::

::: "DTYBOM" OUT in digital and physical EP single release 

::: "CITY LIGHTS" OUT in digital and physical EP single release 25/12/2017 - with London Music Group 

::: "XMAS SPECIAL EDITION EP" OUT in digital (3 songs) and physical (4 songs) EP release - 25/12/2017 with London Music Group


::: "TRYING" planned for 2018/19






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  3. IMDB - http://m.imdb.com/name/nm9076571/
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